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Welcome To Rxoom

Dedicated to discovery. Committed to care.

Are you on the lookout for Worldclass health care but constrained by Unaffordable and out of control healthcare costs in your country ? RXoom can help. we take care of all the steps from your discovery of a healthcare professional to arriving in India getting treated and safely sent back home

Why Rxoom?

Our panel comprises of TOP 3% Indian doctors, so you can rest assured of absolute service quality.

Every member of our panel demonstrates proven experience in handling foreign patients with more than 10000 procedures successfully delivered by each panelist on board

Free Hand-holding/human assistance during post-recovery.

Access to every location in India for you to choose from.

How can you get started? and how Rxoom can help you?

Rxoom will take care of the cumbersome process involved in your medical tourism every step of the way? We will save you all the troubles by:

  • Connecting you with the best Doctors and Hospitals across India.
  • Facilitating the exchange of medical information to arrive at the best option
  • Facilitating the best quotes from different Hospitals and Doctors across India
  • Offering Free Travel advisory to various destinations across India.

Have you ever wondered why India is one of the fastest- growing global destinations for medical tourism? – This is why!

The India of today boasts of;

World class tertiary care

The biggest change in India

The biggest change in India is exceptional tertiary care, which even puts the rest of the world to shame. Many countries in the world would be surprised to see the kind of expertise that doctors have here. The second big change is high volume, high-quality medical care, which is again startling”

Fiona Godlee, Former editor BMJ


Why India?

The large volume of quality healthcare across India has provided for scale, making healthcare available for every budget.

Get to see the beauty of incredible India; medical tourism to India avails you the opportunity to visit top places like the Taj Mahal and UNESCO world heritage sites .

The assurance of zero political unrest or crisis across her region, has positioned India as one of the most peaceful countries to visit, regardless ofr your race or beliefs.

India has become an irresistible location for medical emergencies due to her rich history of breakthrough discoveries and innovations in medical practice.

Guess what?

Rxoom offers all these services to you at zero cost.

It’s all for FREE!...
After due planning and consultation with Rxoom, you'd realize your combined cost will most likely be less than what you pay for in your home country. So what’s stopping you from getting the very best health care as you explore the beauty of incredible India? Absolutely Nothing! Contact Us Now

Rxoom lists clinics and hospitals which have earned the most respected international accreditations and certifications in medicine

The network of the best hospitals in India For Medical Tourism and Domestic Hospitalization.

We enable transparent communication between patient and hospital.

Dental Implants

Implants one Bredent

Implants Lower or upper

Implants with attachments

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weight loss

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal with crown

Laser assisted Root canel

Root canal Re treatment

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Layered Zirconia crown

Crown Ceramo metal

Monolithic E max crown

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Dental Bridge

Bridge Ceramo metal

Malo Bridge with Composite crowns

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Laminate veneers Ceramic

Direct composite veneer

Indirect composite veneer

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Complete Denture

Partial denture

Hybrid Denture

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 Ophthalmology or Eye Care

Cosmetic & smile design

Cosmetic & smile design

Digital Smile Design

smile makeover

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Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening


Single tooth Bleaching

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