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Product Capabilities & Features

  • Precision & Accuracy. Simple and Linear workflow.
  • Optimized for prone and without pin surgeries.
  • Proprietary software algorithms for best user experience.
  • Virtual trajectory with real-time feedback loop system.
  • Specially designed modules for biopsy, shunt, skull based and neuro endoscopy.
  • Flexible system with ergonomically designed surgical instruments.

Surgical Procedures with Neuronavigation System

Bimanual work flow to achieve maximum accuracy and comfort with dedicated trajectory planning and probe’s eye view

Supported Surgeries
Skull based tumors. Deep intraaxial tumors. Intraaxial tumors close to eloquent area.
Endoscopic Surgeries
Uniquely designed endoscope insertion workflow. Extended skull base workflow.
Dysplasias (dedicated workflow including surface rendering)
Shunt Surgeries
Uniquely designed workflow for shunt surgery.
Hematoma Evacuation
Uniquely designed workflow for hematoma evacuation.
Spine & ENT Surgeries
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