Why Rxoom?

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Internationally Recognized Specialists

Specialized healthcare needs the best in the field of medicine. The Rxoom doctor/surgeon community consists of select few specialists who have demonstrated an exceptional medical expertise for more than a decade. 

If you want best treatment, get treated by the best doctors & surgeons on Rxoom.

Specialist Epilepsy Surgeon

Remote and In person Care

No need to spend time travelling or waiting in queue.

No wait for appointments with top doctors.  

Rxoom doctors provide exclusive priority appointments to you. Go for remote consultation to start with. In person visit only when really required.

Holistic Epilepsy Evaluation

Continuous Handholding

Our trained staff supports you by providing end to end care. 

Appointment is booked, remote setup is pre-tested and you are briefed about the session in advance. 

Your queries are handled at priority.

Internationally Recognized

Transparency & Patient First Approach

Rxoom is on a mission to re-establish a trust based relationship between a doctor and patient. 

Our doctors believe in highest level of ethics and transparency. 

For us patient well being is the first and foremost criteria. 

How it works?

1. Get In Touch

Get In Touch, Call or Email us with details of your treatment, ailment or condition

2. Connect

Our Patient care connects you with Rxoom specialist doctor for your specific ailment

3. Treatment

Start your treatment with specialist doctor - Video call, Clinic or Hospital Visits, Surgery Plan.

4. Patient Care

Rxoom Patient care hand holds you in your treatment journey




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International Patients

High Healthcare Costs?

Lack of quality healthcare infrastructure?

Looking for best doctors & surgeons?

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