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Connecting Dots
SaphireX Surgicals Logo: Your Partner in Precision Healthcare with Neuronavigation Systems

At our core, we are a dedicated group of 
healthcare professionals, technical experts, engineers, and marketers driven by a shared vision of creating innovative tools that enhance surgical accuracy and precision using advanced technologies like imaging, and robotics.

We understand the challenges associated with high costs in these areas and that's why we are dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions that will improve the healthcare facilities in developing countries like India.

Our collective journey commenced in 2020 with the creation of NeuroSAPHIREX, a cutting-edge neuro navigational tool designed to aid doctors in performing precise surgical procedures.

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To create a surgical-navigation and robotics system that packs precision & price together, making it accessible & adoptable for hospitals across the globe.


We envision a world where precision surgery is affordable for everyone who needs it.

Image by Akram Huseyn

Our Aspiration

Precision: Employing minimally invasive techniques to not only reduce surgical durations but also enhance precision.
Accessibility: Tailored solutions catering to the unique requirements of the Indian medical field, empowering professionals and contributing to reduced surgery costs.
Technology Enhancement: The incorporation of advanced technological solutions not only heightens accuracy but also mitigates the risk of complications.

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The Team

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