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Kidney transplant surgery

A kidney transplant surgery is a kind of a surgical procedure which involves transplanting a healthy kidney from a donor to the recipient. This surgery is recommended for those who have a damaged or failed kidney or kidneys. The donor in this case is usually who has just died or a living relative of the recipient. Our kidneys perform the job of filtering the blood and are hence vital to the body’s functioning.

Kidney transplant is usually a procedure which depends upon how well the recipient reacts to the new kidney since it is our body’s tendency to attack anything which is foreign to it. One has to follow several dietary restrictions and take immunosuppressants to find success through kidney transplant. Even the donor might face certain bodily changes because of donating a vital body organ. To know more about kidney transplant surgery, you can go through the following given information.

Symptoms which suggest that you need Kidney transplant surgery:

The following are some of the indicators that you might need kidney transplant done:

  • If you are suffering from chronic kidney disease.
  • If none of the kidney treatments other than transplant are working
  • Kidney failure.

Pre procedure and preparation

Here’s a description of what exactly will take place before your kidney transplant surgery:

1. Once you have been identified as the right candidate for this
procedure and a matching kidney donor is found, you will be required
to get admitted to the hospital.

2. You might have to arrange for pick up and drop off for yourself.

3. The patient will be asked to stop eating and drinking since the
stomach needs to be empty at the time of the operation.

4. Physical examination, blood tests and other diagnostic examinations
will then take place in the hospital.

5. Hair on the chest and abdomen will be shaved and the patient will be
given a laxative to clean the intestines.

6. To prevent dehydration and to supply medicines, an intravenous line
will be inserted.


The following is a detailed description of the procedure followed during kidney transplant:

1. The new kidney is placed in the groin area of the lower abdomen and
can be installed on either of the side.

2. It is important to note that your own kidneys will be left in their

3. Surgeons will join the kidney’s vein to your own iliac vein and the
artery to the artery.

4. After joining the blood vessels, the circulation is released to the
kidney and the kidney will turn pink.

5. If it starts working then the urine will pass out of the ureter and
then the ureter will be joined to the bladder to complete the
surgical process.

6. During the procedure a drainage tube is often placed near the kidney
so as to drain out the blood from the operating site.

Post procedure

After the kidney transplant procedure, patient and the kidneys will be monitored very closely. Patients are generally kept in a separate ward to eliminate risk of infection and are not allowed to meet anyone without proper precautions. The kidney will be scanned through ultrasound in order to make sure that the circulation is proper. Also, doctors need to check the ureter to ensure that there are no obstructions in its path. Once the surgeons and doctors have ensured that there are no problems, the patient is allowed to go home but asked to stay on rest and on fixed and proper diet and medications. One can expect to experience pain and discomfort for a few days after the surgical procedure.

Risks and complications

Like any other surgical process, there are certain risks and complications associated with kidney transplant surgery as well. Some of them are given as follows for your reference:

  • Blood clots and bleeding may be caused due to and after a kidney
    transplant procedure.
  • Blockage or leaking from the tube or ureter is also often considered
    as a potential risk.
  • In some cases, patients also complaint of infection.
  • Failure of the donated kidney can also be caused and is a big
    complication or risk.
  • Death, heart attack or stroke.
  • Rejection of the donated kidney
  • Cancer can be transmitted from the donated kidney to the recipient.

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Treatment costs

It is a fact that India is a great destination to get kidney transplant surgery done since it is also quite cheap as compared to other countries. The procedure costs between 2 to 3 lakh rupees in India but may depend upon the institution and doctor that you are getting it done from.

Key global facts

The following is a list of some facts about kidney transplant procedure:

  • More than 2 million people worldwide receive kidney transplant or
    dialysis procedure every year to stay alive.
  • More than 80% patients of kidney failure belong to countries with
    fabulous healthcare facilities and amenities.
  • In most cases of transplants, transplant is the last resort however
    this is not true for kidney transplants since this is the first and
    the best option or line of treatment.
  • The benefits of kidney transplant outweighs its negative side

Popular Health Tips
  • sandy patil says:

    This Kidney transplant surgery Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.

  • sandy patil says:

    This Kidney transplant surgery Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.

  • sandy patil says:

    This Kidney transplant surgery Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.