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Cosmetic Design Dentistry And Why India Is At The Forefront Of Innovation

Getting the perfect smile is the dream of anyone who hopes to charm those around them with their irresistible look. Of course, a hefty price has to be paid to have that well-formed smile. Or so we thought.

Some achieve this perfect smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry services such as Teeth Whitening and Dental Inserts, while others have their natural looks to thank.

The use of such cosmetic dental services to get a charming and beautiful smile is known as smile design and these services are available at different dental clinics around the world.

It is essential that before venturing into any one of these dental clinics you need to research adequately to avoid having damages and side-effects that you would dislike. You would not want to have any reason not to smile – that will be counterproductive.

In this regard, India is topping a revolution in cosmetic dentistry globally as it has become a choice destination for many people across Europe and America.

Several factors including the advanced dental system coupled with an exceptionally low cost have led to the boom in medical tourism in India.

Don’t presume that advanced dental care cannot be obtained in India - you would be so wrong.

Below are some cosmetic dental treatments available in India:

1) Teeth Alignment:

Your teeth need to be straight, with even gaps, and without holes to have the right organization. If your teeth do not have any of those, you will need to have them fixed and aligned with the help of a dental expert and India has many of them at your disposal. Getting orthodontics will be a preferable treatment in this case unless your dentist says otherwise.

2) Teeth whitening:

Having the wrong shade of teeth is enough to deter you from smiling especially if you’re a celebrity. Moreover, a tooth with a stained color can signify that you have bad mouth hygiene. To your fans, having an attractive smile involves having a dazzling set of white teeth but you fall short of that. You need not worry as teeth brightening and shading can be the solution to your stained or dull teeth and India is the best place to have one done.

3) Dental implants:

India is a great destination for replacing a missing tooth. With the use of implants, a missing tooth can be replaced and fitted to look as natural as possible and Indian dentists are pros at this kind of restorative treatment.

4) Dental facelift:

Having the right set of lips and cheeks, not too big, not too small, can help improve your facial style and grin. This treatment modality is referred to as a smile lift and many celebrities travel to India every year to perfect their smiles.

What you should know about cosmetic dentistry in India

The dental market has been around for decades, but with the recent introduction of robotics in the last decade, India has since been at the forefront of the smile shift.

With the help of this new automation among other things, the dental industry in India has been able to replace to achieve some notable landmarks especially in the design of prosthetics that are useful in smile care dentistry.

Over the last 20 years, the industry has gained more grounds due to the raw number of more than 20,000 dentists who have been professionally trained in smile care.

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The reasons behind the boom

India is large, stunning, and full of life. It’s rich with history and a fun place to go. The mouth-watering delicacies are second to none and the unique traditions of the people are interesting to watch.

India is also one of the countries with a thriving dental industry that provides excellent cosmetic dentistry services.

For some time now, the Indian Industry has been able to thrive significantly thanks to a few good reasons:

1) Automation

The use of machines to carry out dental treatments and care for patients is a lot relaxing for foreigners who find themselves in India and require a dental touch.

With this advantage, India has surpassed a lot of neighboring Asian countries in the dental care sector as services can now be rendered quicker and faster.

For instance, the use of laser beams to perform dental surgeries and other cosmetic treatments has been introduced, replacing the older, less effective methods of dental cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

With these mordern advances in technology, the changes sparked off by various new modalities of Dental procedures will give you that wow look!

2) New training programs for the dentists in India

So as not to play catch up to their contemporaries in Europe, many dentists in India undergo new training programs where new techniques and procedures on how to operate each new equipment and technologies are taught.

Luckily, the country is boisterous with young eager dentists who have no issues adapting to newer technologies.

3) The influx of foreign-trained doctors

The country is a particularly appealing place for American patients since there are a lot of hospitals offering standard care from English-speaking professionals from all over Europe and America.

4) The introduction of medical visas

India instituted medical visas for foreigners seeking to receive health care in June 2005. The goal was to promote the industry, and business has been booming ever since. Since then, citizens from nearly 150 countries can apply entirely as India now issues more than 170,000 medical visas yearly.

5) Cost:

Getting a facelift is supposed to be an expensive endeavor that only the richest can afford but not in India. The country boasts one of the cheapest fees for cosmetic procedures globally. Little wonder it is booming with tourists from many countries who want to get the best of care for less.

FAQs about Cosmetic Design Dentistry in India

** Am I eligible to get a facelift?**

Yes. Anyone can engage in any of the Smile Design treatment, as long as you want your face to give out the perfect smile.

How much does it cost to have a Smile Design treatment in India?

Depending on the type of Smile Design treatment, the cost varies from about 80,000 Rupees and above for a full set of teeth.

What are the benefits of getting a facelift?

A Cosmetic Smile Design helps give you a long-lasting smile that affects your overall facial appearance. It makes you look younger by fixing the wears, chipping, and stains present in the teeth.

What type of Smile Dental Design should I get?

To get better results, you should consult your dental specialist first on which Smile Dental Design would suit you best. You could also get pictures of your favorite smiles, and show your dental specialist to give him/her an idea of what you want.

Do all dental clinics in India perform Smile Design treatment?

No, it depends on the facilities available. Dental clinics must have special equipment to be able to carry out Smile Design treatments.

How to get dental insurance in India?

Although you might be able to get a unique dental insurance plan, you can choose a health policy program that will cover your dental treatment instead.

What dental care services can be covered under a health policy program?

Depending on the dental services specified on the health plan, it can vary from one plan to another. At the moment, procedures like Tooth filling, Tooth extractions, Root canal procedures, Dental x-rays, and follow-up treatments are covered under an average health program.



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  • D.M.Baheti says:

    This Cosmetic Design Dentistry Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.

  • D.M.Baheti says:

    This Cosmetic Design Dentistry Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.

  • Baheti says:

    This Cosmetic Design Dentistry Article is very helpfull for me.Article provided every information about disease symptoms,causes,facts and related video how the procedure is to be done.