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Rxoom connects patients and doctors globally

This is your international network of medical experts. Welcome to healthcare made simple.

Avail of World Class Healthcare Services selected with care by RxooM , one in thousand!

Affordable rates, amongst the lowest in the world market place and certainly the best India Book appointments suited to your convenience, no wait time

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Rxoom - find your clinic worldwide

Avail of services from RxooM registered clinics in India, attractive for procedures not covered by your existing Insurance plan and expensive!

Do in 4 easy steps; Choose a specialists that meet your needs; Upload your reports; Connect with the specialist and discuss; Get a budget estimate and schedule a suitable date for the procedure. You are ready to go!

We connect you to the best in healthcare industry at rates you can easily afford.


Our carefully selected specialist in your chosen location will give you the best possible care. He is registered on RxzooM based on thousands of successful procedures delivered by him. He is equipped with state of art equipment supported by a well-trained team. The hygiene maintained in his clinic meets all the high standards set by leading world health organizations. You can depend on handholding from them after you return, while you recuperate.

We seek feedback from patients who have undergone treatment at the registered clinics.


While choosing your Specialists you will want complete background detail: Degrees acquired, Years of practice, Number of procedures conducted, Publications, Feedback from customers etc. You are guaranteed transparency all the way through the interaction cycle. The final bill you will receive will be commensurate with the procedures conducted in line with the interaction. Our offering covers all pre-procedures and post-care. Feedback from you about your experience means a lot to our success.

We curate and connect you to the best and ensure transparency in our dealings.


Your personal and health data provided through our site is fully protected. We adhere to the HIPAA dictum ’Need To know Basis’. Your data is secure under your password control and the data will be used by relevant personnel for the function it’s supposed to serve. ‘No surprises’ guaranteed with our support team member behind you all the way.

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Rxoom - headquarter is in Berlin

Several procedures involve a ‘wait time’ between stages. India offers a wide range of tourist attraction from historical places, natural beauty and cultural activities. Combine your visit with your choice of leisure travel.

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