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Dental Implants

Pre-order  today just for $1180  per  tooth


Improved ability to bite and chew your favorite food

Root Canal

We help you win your Natural smile back

About Us

Dr. SAS Redisson with a patient

Avail of World Class Healthcare Services selected with care by RxooM , one in thousand!

Avail of services from RxooM registered clinics in India, attractive for procedures not covered by your existing Insurance plan and expensive!

We connect you to the best in healthcare industry at rates you can easily afford

Our Advantages

  • Boutique clinic – relaxed atmosphere, upscale, using the latest in technology.
  • All treatment required provided by all Specialists in one facility.
  • Personalized care – private room with YOU as our only focus.
  • We use the highest-quality materials and expert lab technicians.
  • Internationally trained Doctors and Specialists.
  • Dental Implant Patients will benefit from the only Implantologist with a PhD in India
  • Our well-respected and talented Lead Prosthodontist directs every case.
  • We have successfully treated hundreds of Dental Tourists from the U.S. and Canada.
  • We are skilled at All on 4s, All on 6s, All on 8s and Full Mouth Restorations.
  • Save up to 70% on all your dental care
  • Free airport pick-up and drop off.
  • Assistance with selection of nearby hotels.
  • Ground transportation to/from your hotel for your appointments is provided.
  • Personalized care and treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • All prescriptions provided at time of Treatment.
  • Non-nonsense Guarantees on all our dental care.

Success Stories

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Price List

Dental Procedure Approximate Cost in US (US$) Cost at RXOOM Dental(US$) Savings in Percentage
Dental Implants 4000 1050 73%
Root Canal Treatment 695 125 82%
Braces 5,000 1,056 79%
Dental Bridge 2000 479 76%
Veneers 900 194 78%
Dentures 1,000 515 48%

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